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  • Eliminate Fat From All Over Your Body To reveal jaw-dropping muscle definition and those 6-pack abs you’ve always wanted!
  • Build Strong, Sexy Muscles with done-for-you, follow-along workouts that work every muscle in the body multiple times per week for fast and effective results!
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Inside Direct HIIT You'll Discover...
  • Simple, follow-along video workouts that take all the guesswork out of sculpting your dream body and deliver real, lasting results...
  • How to achieve the ripped, lean, solid look you want by turning your body into a fat-blasting machine that exterminates fat cells and shifts your metabolism into overdrive...
  • Increased energy and mental clarity... with a fit and ripped body that is zeroed in on achieving long-term success...
  • A video workout program that walks you step by step through the right exercises and high-intensity interval training techniques you can do from the comfort of your own home...
  • Quick and intense exercises you can easily learn and complete in just 35-50 minutes to see insane results fast... instead of lifting weights or running on a treadmill for hours in the gym each day (In fact, you don't need a gym membership or any equipment at all to do this program!)...
  • Reclaimed confidence and body image that allows you to fully love the amazing person you are... instead of feeling disgusted every time you look in a mirror...
  • Tested, proven, and retested principles that will allow you to torch fat and reveal lean, sexy muscles as effectively and efficiently as possible... without any trial and error or guesswork...
  • A hardcore workout designed only for badasses who are fed up with bloated promises and failed fitness programs... and are ready to put in the sweat and hard work to finally get the results they want...
  • A deeper understanding of what you're really made of... You'll be forced to dig down and test your willpower, determination, and discipline in order to succeed with this powerful program (And if you make it to the other side, you'll realize there's absolutely nothing you can't do)...
  • Mental strength, fortitude, and resilience like you've never known... Go places you've never been with this program and get the mindset tools you need to accomplish your deepest dreams, desires, and goals in ALL aspects of your life...
  • ...and much, much, MUCH more!
Here's What You Get Inside This Follow-Along Video Workout Program:
  • Complete Access To All 15 Intense Direct HIIT Video Workouts (Lasting Only 35-50 Minutes)
  • Progressive Approach To Fat Loss Featuring three 4-week Phases Of High Intensity Interval Training
  • Exclusive Access To 3 Challenging Yoga Workouts That Will Improve Your Flexibility And Mobility

Best Of All...
There's NO gym membership, NO personal trainer fees, and ABSOLUTELY ZERO equipment needed! 

Just pull up the video workouts, press play, and follow along for results you can see in the first 30 days!

Direct HIIT transforms your body FAST by focusing on FOUR KEY AREAS:
KEY AREA #1: Overall Fat Loss

With the ultra-effective high-intensity workouts included in this home-based video fitness program, you'll quickly and easily release stored fat from all over your body.

KEY AREA #2: Increased Muscle Definition

Simply follow along with these proven workouts to build lean, rock-solid muscle and finally shed weight for good, get ripped, and achieve those six-pack abs you've always wanted.

KEY AREA #3: Reduced Body Fat That Enhances Muscle Exposure

Get targeted workouts that torch fat from your belly, thighs, arms, and elsewhere in order to reveal more of the muscle and show off a shredded, toned, sexy body.

KEY AREA #4: Mental Toughness

Over the course of this intense 12-week, 3-phase program, you'll transform not only your physique but also your mind. As you track your progress from day to day and through each phase, you'll have to dig deep to perform better than before and achieve your new goals. This will give you the mental strength and fortitude to accomplish whatever you decide to do!

Meet Your Master Trainer...

As a former model for Nike, Brand Jordan, ADIDAS, Puma, and more - my job literally used to depend on staying as shredded as possible. For that reason, I've spent the majority of my life searching for the most effective way to burn fat and stay ripped.

That means you're getting the very best advice and guidance on how to burn fat fast!

After literally 16 years of going through the process of trial and error with my own training, as well as training thousands of clients, I've discovered HIIT cardio is the most effective way to achieve dramatic fat loss without burning your valuable muscle mass.

I've fine-tuned this specific training method and added my own proven principles to develop the most efficient and effective system for fat loss that lasts.

I personally guarantee that you will burn fat like a mutant on a mission, or 100% your money back. I'm that confident that you will experience not only a transformation of your body, but also a transformation of your mind.

You will experience a new level of confidence in yourself to achieve any goal after completing my Direct HIIT program.

Let's get things started shall we? I'll be that swift kick in the butt that you need to change your life for the better!

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100% Proven Results Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

I'm 100% confident that this program will give you the dramatic results you're looking for...

That's why I back Direct HIIT with my no-nonsense 60-day results-promised guarantee:

If after 60 days, if you don't see the results for yourself, just let me know and I'll be happy to give you all of your money back! It's that simple. This program gives you results... or you don't pay a penny.

Order Now And Also Get These 4 Bonuses To Maximize Your Success - Absolutely FREE!
Workout & Nutrition Log
Tracking and accountability is critical, for diet and training (no - you can't outwork a bad diet). Track and measure your progress easily with this page. Know your stats so that you can crush them during your next workout, and be held you accountable to your diet so you don't undo all that hard work with something you'll regret later!
Private Member's Community
Get the ongoing support and community of like-minded people who are dedicated to achieving real results just like you. It's hard to stay motivated on your own - this online community gives you access to others who are going through the same challenging process and can offer encouragement and support every step of the way.
12-Week Transformation Calendar
Keep track of your workouts and know what's coming up next with this convenient calendar you can print and place anywhere for easy access. Mark each workout off as you, track your measurements, and watch as the progress unfolds before you.
Sculpting A New You Visualization Guide
This bonus resource shows you how to use the science of neural-plasticity to prepare your body's chemistry for fast, healthy fat loss.  This is a simple system of mental rehearsal that anyone can follow in just a few minutes a day to exponentially get the highest level results from Direct HIIT (or any workout program).
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I'm 100% confident that this program will give you the dramatic results you're looking for...

That's why I back Direct HIIT with my no-nonsense 60-day results-promised guarantee:

If after 60 days, you don't see results for yourself, just let me know and I'll be happy to give you all your money back! It's that simple. This program gives you results... or you don't pay a penny.

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